• Dr. Ir. Philippe Samyn

    Keynote Speaker, Dedalo Minosse International Prize 2017, Belgium

    Dr. Ir. Philippe Samyn

    Keynote Speaker, Dedalo Minosse International Prize 2017, Belgium



    Founding partner, Samyn and Partners
    Lead design partner, Samyn and Partners


    EUROPA – New headquarters of the Council of the EU


    Philippe Samyn, a doctor in Applied Sciences, architect, civil engineer and urbanist, was born in Ghent on 1st September 1948.

    He is a member of the Belgian Royal Academy of Science, Art and Literature since 1992, a member of the financial and advisory committees of SECO Belgium scrl, and a Commander of the Order of Léopold who was ennobled to Knighthood by HRH King Albert II on July 13th 2012.

    His work is based on permanent questioning, widely fed by numerous missions abroad, lateral thinking and his scientific work.

    More particularly, his discovery in 1997 of the volume and displacement indicators has since experienced continuous scientific development, leading to a general and open theory about the conception and predimensioning of structures.

    With his team of architects and engineers, his architectural production develops in many sectors, in Europe and beyond: an opera house or a gas station, a hospital or a bridge, a research centre or an urban plan.

    Career Profile:
    As founding Partner, has been responsible for the global development of the firm after 2 years of training with the consulting engineers, Verdeyen & Moenaert, and after 6 years of training with the Architectural firm of A. De Doncker.
    His extensive and continuous world wide travels for various commissions form his philosophical attitude for the firm based on questioning.

    Academic functions:
    The Belgian Royal Academy of Science, Literature and Arts: correspondent member from 1992 until 2004, member from 2004 until 2015, associate since 2015.
    SECO sa (Belgian Technical Control office for Construction): administrator between 1992 and 2017.
    SECO Belgium scrl: member of the financial and advisory committees since 1 June 2017.

    Civil Engineer – ULB – Brussels Free University, 1971.
    M.S.C.E. – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1973.
    Urban Planner – ULB, Brussels Free University, 1973.
    Architect, ENSAV La Cambre, 1985.
    Postgraduate in Management, ULB Brussels University, 1985.
    Doctor in applied sciences – Université de Liege, 1999.



    – EUROPEAN ARCHITECTURE AWARDS 2017, Bruxelles, 2017-05-18. Catégorie “city housing development” : premier prix pour les logements du Foyer Bruxellois, rue des Minimes à Bruxelles (01/421). Catégorie “Healthcare” : nomination pour la Clinique Sans Soucis à Jette (01/287). Catégorie “Commercial/retail” : nomination pour TOTAL – aire de Ruisbroeck(01/515), (E18-674); (BE).

    – DEDALO MINOSSE INTERNATIONAL PRIZE 2017, Vicenza, Teatro Olimpico de Palladio, 2017-06-23. Prix Spécial pour Europa(01/494), (E18_671); (IT).

    – DESIGN CURIAL : “Gas Station Design – The World’s 10 Best Filling Stations for 2017”, 2017-05-16 (pour la deuxième année consécutive) Orival (01/365) en numéro 5/10 et Houten (01/363) en numéro 7/10; (GB).

    – PRIX BELGE DE L’ENERGIE ET DE L’ENVIRONNEMENT, Bruxelles, 2017-06-08. Catégorie “Sustainable Building Award” pour AGC Glass Building (01/577), (E18-677); (BE).


    – DESIGN CURIAL : “Gas station design – The World’s 10 best filling stations for 2016, 2016-04-01 pour Orival (01/365) en numéro 2/10 et Houten (01/363) en numéro 5/10; (GB).

    – THE PLAN AWARD 2016, Venise Italie, 2016-05-25. Catégorie “Bâtiment administratif” : EUROPA (01/494), gagant ; AGC(01/575), finaliste. Catégorie “Habitation” : Maison Manneriehof (01/562) et Hubert (01/584), finalistes (10/18/652).

    – STAALBOUW WEDSTRIJD – CONCOURS CONSTRUCTION ACIER 2016, Affligem, 15 novembre 2016. Nomination pour la Caserne des Pompiers de Charleroi (01/569), (10/18/657); (BE).

    – FEBE Elements AWARDS 2016, Anvers, 29 novembre 2016.
    Nomination pour la Caserne des Pompiers de Charlerois (01/569), (10/18/658); (BE).


    FOREIGN BUILDING OF THE YEAR. Czech Architecture and Building Fondation, Prague. Bethlehem Chapel, le 13 octobre 2015. Pour AGC GLASS Building (01/577) (10/18/2547).


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    06 Nov 2017
    11.25 - 11.35