• Marius Voica

    Arheco Design SRL, Nominated for WOOD Re-invented

    Marius Voica

    Arheco Design SRL, Nominated for WOOD Re-invented



    Arheco Design SRL


    “A house for fishermen”
    The fishermen’s shelters and traditional buildings specific to the Danube Delta were located in isolated areas, away from the villages’ heart serving as a home during the fishing seasons. The architectural solution proposed will provide shelter and housing for 6-12 fishermen from one of the fisheries in Maliuc village.
    The concept has started from the basic function (housing) and is adapted to the typology of the traditional plan used in the Danube Delta, including the in between space, represented by the porch and the space for socialization.
    The structure is entirely made of timber, starting with the pilotis foundation , the structure of the walls, terrace, and roof, and ending with the reed cover and the insulating panels from straw.
    The project is modular, mostly using the materials provided by ‘KRONOSPAN’ and is easily adaptable for different locations. It is fully recyclable and re-usable after the end of its life cycle, not being used concrete or other hard-to-recycle materials.
    The house is energy efficient, the architectural concept using both passive methods, such as orientation, shape, configuration, efficiently used natural insulation, intermediate space, and active methods, sensibly using the resources, such as solar and photovoltaic panels, pellet heating system (uses dried straw – usually fired in the Danube Delta for plant regeneration), as well as natural filters and purification systems.
    This solution intends to be a good example of flagship that can be multiplied for the future ecological and eco-low-tourism of the Danube Delta, where locals should rationally manage both resources and the environment, as well as tourism and mobility on the Delta channels.


    Marius VOICA received his Bachelor Degree from “Ion Mincu Institute of Architecture” in Bucharest in 1996 – Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism. He finished his Master Degree in 1999, specializing in “Marketing in Architecture”, and graduated from a post-university course in “Project Management”.
    In 2007 he received his PhD in Architecture with his thesis “Ecological Architecture: Tradition and Contemporary Technology. Sustainable Development and Ecological Management.” He has been working in higher education in Architecture since 1998.
    He was also manager of the “URBANPROIECT” branch within The National Institute of Research- Development in Construction, Urbanism and Sustainable Territorial Development URBAN-INCERC.
    Currently he works in architectural and construction management, and coordinates the “E.U. Research Funds Office” in UAUIM.
    He has attended scholarships, workshops and teaching programs at universities in Karlsruhe, Regensburg, Montpellier, Stuttgart, Istanbul and Vienna).
    His activity in architecture, urbanism and interior design has summed up to over 80 projects.


    AWARDS OF THE SPEAKER (*a selection of the most recent international/national awards):
    2012, Second prize, Architecture competition, “Sustainable dwelling”, Bucharest, U.A.R.
    2015, Silver Medal, EUROINVENT European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation, For the project: “Simbolic Spaces made with wood and reed”