Guest Speaker, BBGK Architekci


    Guest Speaker, BBGK Architekci



    BBGK Architekci


    Katyn Museum commemorates a painful episode of Polish history which took place during the World War II when over a 20 000 of Polish military officers and state officials were murdered by the Soviet Secret Police.
    15 plaques commemorating the victims located in the historic gunrest raises questions about the meaning of the concepts of evil, good, forgiveness. BBGK has consciously given the architecture powerful expression. The gap between high 12 meters walls slitting the Citadel shaft leads us in two directions – down to the gunrest arcades where the plaques with the names of the victims are; and up, opening the perspective of the sky.
    BBGK Architekci
    (earlier Brzozowski Grabowiecki Architekci)

    the authors of architecture and spatial solutions
    BBGK Architekci (Bzozowski Grabowiecki Architekci), architects Jan Belina-Brzozowski, Konrad Grabowiecki

    the authors of the museum
    Jan Belina-Brzozowski and Konrad Grabowiecki, Jerzy Kalina, Krzysztof Lang – with teams

    co author
    Joanna Orłowska, Marek Sobol, Emilia Sobańska, łukasz Węcławski, Agnieszka Grzywacz, Ewelina Wysokińska, Jacek Kretkiewicz, Tomasz Pluciński, Maciek Rąbek, Marcin Szulc, Barbara Trojanowska, Jolanta Fabiszewska


    Architect and urbanist, graduate of the Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology,
    Founder, co-owner, President of BBGK Architekci
    Co-author of many prestigious projects and a laureate of architectural competitions.
    Major Projects and Projects:
    – The Katyn Museum in Warsaw – finalist of the Mies van der Rohe Award, President of Warsaw Award in the category: Public Utilities Architecture, SARP 2015 Award for Best Public-Owned Architectural Design, Grand Prix Brick Award Poland 2017
    – Konstancin Jeziorna Town Hall
    – Residential buildings Mennica Residence and Sprzeczna 4
    – Revitalization of palace and park complexes in Guzów and Mala Wieś

    BBGK Architekci is an architectural firm with extensive experience in monuments, public buildings and residential buildings. They have successfully won prizes and design awards (Katyn Museum, Targówek Fabryczny, Konstancin-Jeziorna Town Hall). They design individual architecture strongly associated with the existing context, as evidenced by the Katyn Museum, which was commissioned in 2015, was awarded in the plebiscites and was a finalist of the Mies van der Rohe Award.


    EUmiesaward finalist
    Grand Prix Brick Award 2017
    ‘Personage of the Year’ award at the Builder Awards Gala
    Mayor of Warsaw’s Architectural Award in the category of ‘Public architecture – public building’
    Special Award in the 19th edition of ‘Polish Concrete in Architecture’ competition
    award for Modernization of the Year 2015
    Sarp’s Award for the best buildings built with public funds in 2015 for Katyń Museum in Warsaw