• Arh. Mihai ENE

    Guest Speaker at RIFF conference, Ene+Ene Arhitectura
    Founder, Ene+Ene Arhitectura

    PROJECT: “O casă la ţară”

    AWARDS: 2015 OAR Architecture Annuale – Residential Architecture, Single family

    Mihai Ene graduated from Ion Mincu Institute of Architecture in 1996, in 1998 he founded Trans/Form arhitectura & design and in 2005 founded Ene+Ene Arhitectura. In 2007, with his doctoral thesis he investigated the relationship between architecture and utopia and since then he is Associate Professor, “Ion Mincu” Institute of Architecture.

    During 2010 – 2014 he was vice president of the Order of Architects, Bucharest Branch.

    The project winner of the OAR Architecture Annuale 2015- Residential Architecture, Single Family, presented at RIFF

    Arch. Mihai Ene will present in the plenary session of RIFF 2015, on 27 October, the project „O casa la tara”, winner of the OAR Architecture Annuale – Residential Architecture – Single Family home. The project was also included in the nominations made by the Rural Group of OAR.