• Arch. Katarzyna Sadowy

    Guest Speaker, Bronze Badge of the Association of Polish Architects in 2016, Poland

    Arch. Katarzyna Sadowy

    Guest Speaker, Bronze Badge of the Association of Polish Architects in 2016, Poland



    Vice president treasurer, Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Architects, Poland


    “Warsaw Local Centres – Public Space for Resilient and Livable City”
    The programme Warsaw Local Centres is a joint-venture of City of Warsaw and The Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Architects. It is an answer to the phenomena of the urban development which takes place mainly through improving the internal structure of cities increasing the standard of living. This European trend to improve the quality of life includes Warsaw which is also a city of very uneven spatial and social structure. The authors believe that the improvement of the quality of life in the city be carried out both on the metropolitan level, catering for the needs of the two-million metropolis, as well as on the local level, translating into the daily functioning of the inhabitants of individual districts. Changes on both levels should render the city more friendly, resilient and sustainable.
    The first goal was to define the concept of a local centre in the context of Warsaw and the needs of its residents. The second objective was to identify the potential centre areas, basing on their location, spatial configuration and the capability to focus on social life. The third step was the choice of max. 10 local centres to include them into the pilot project of public investment based on the cooperation with local communities.
    In 2015 The Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Architects published the recommendations and the list of the localizations chosen for the pilot stage. In 2016 in 7 localizations teams of architects and experts in participation processes have been working on the conceptual projects, comprising both urban design and propositions for the functions, activities and management models for local centres. The planned activities, aimed at strengthening or developing the local centres, require an individual approach and adaptation to the specific local needs, as their scope must be adapted to the situation and site-specific expectations. Therefore, designs were consulted with local communities.
    In 2017 the work of the teams will be continued to provide final projects and programmes for the local centres to be implemented in following years. The programme as a whole meets constant and broad interest, from Warsaw residents as well as from specialists in the field of urban studies and urban design from Poland and abroad. It is to be continued and extended to further localizations.


    Katarzyna Sadowy holds a Master and Engineer Degree from Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology and Ph.D. degree in economics from Warsaw School of Economics. Assistant professor in Warsaw School of Economics and Collegium Mazovia, author of several peer reviewed papers and monograph chapters presenting her interdisciplinary research on architecture, urban studies and urban economics. Apart from her academic career Dr Sadowy`s experience in architectural practice gives her a valuable insight into tangible aspects of urban studies. Her core interests are the linkages between spatial patterns and socio-economic development as well as quality of life in the cities, emerging forms of entrepreneurship and cooperation between public sector, private sector and NGOs.
    Since 2013 she has been involved in projects of The Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Architects (OW SARP). Dr Sadowy is co-author of the OW SARP`s recommendations for the revitalization of Praga Północ district (2013) which were included into Integrated Revitalization Programme for the years 2014 – 2022, co-author of the Warsaw Local Centres Programme (development of the network of urban sub-centres, started in 2015) and co-author of the recommendations for urban policies in Wola District (heritage area under a new development). She acts as a member of the Advising Board for Innovative Policies for the Mayor of City of Warsaw (since 2016), member of City Architectural and Urban Council (for the tenure 2016-2019) and member of Warsaw Roundtable for Climate Adaptation, WOSAK (2016/2017).



    1.  bronze badge of the Association of Polish Architects